2021 AMY Awards coming soon!


We are still working on final details for the 64th Annual AMY Awards. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony will be held later in the year. We will post an update on when we will accept entries and the ceremony date as soon as we have further details. 

Atlanta Marketers

Atlanta Marketers! It has been a wild, unprecedentted year. The marketing landscape looked quite different in 2020 and we're excited to see the campaigns that were able to be executed. More details to come!

AMYs 64rd Anniversary Gala
Event info TBD


2021 Entries

All work entered in the 2021 AMY Awards competition must have first appeared in the media between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Work must have been created by or for a Georgia-based company.

Past Winners

See winners from previous years!

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